Amazing Honeymoon in Mauritius

Amazing Honeymoon in Mauritius

So I’m back!! We had the most amazing time on honeymoon in Mauritius! The island is beautiful and the people are so lovely, they could never do enough for us. The resort we were staying at was perfect. It was called Riu Le Morne. I thought i would do this blog in the style of a diary of what happened and what we did each day. So here we go…….

26th Feb:
We headed to the airport at 3pm, checked in then went for a meal and drink at wetherspoons in the departure lounge. Then we went and got some magazines or the flight. We had special assistance down to the gate. David who helped us was so lovely. He went on the plane to tell them it was our honeymoon to see if he could get us a bottle of something for free. We then boarded the flight, the cabin crew said to us ‘we will look after you’. Then 5 minutes before take off, a cabin crew member came up to us and said ‘so sorry they have put you in the wrong seats, follow me’. So we got up and we were upgraded to premium for free!! AMAZING!!! It was more spacious, better food, choice of food and it was the perfect way to start our honeymoon.

27th Feb:
We landed at 0910 Mauritius time. We then got our bags and headed to the coach to go to the hotel. It was 1hr 20min transfer to our hotel. We arrived at our hotel and checked in. The receptionist said to us ‘you have been upgraded to the adults only hotel, enjoy your stay’. Another upgrade! Our room was lovely, fresh flowers on the bed everyday, mini bar and gorgeous view. We got some swimwear on and went to the pool. We had a welcome meeting at 3pm, she told us about the island and the trips we could do. We then got showered, dressed and went for some dinner in the main buffet restaurant. Went to bed early as shattered from travelling.

28th Feb:
Our 1st full day, breakfast was tasty. So much to choose from, hot and cold buffet. We booked our boat trip today with our rep. We also booked the Asian restaurant for our anniversary. At dinner in the buffet restaurant, I got given a pink flower from one of the chefs, so sweet of him.

1st March:
We lounged by the pool but stayed in the shade as got burnt yesterday. We got friendly with one of the waiters Jean Noel. He was really nice. The evening we watched our 1st show, it was called jukebox. The entertainment team mimed and acted out music videos. Quite funny!

2nd March:
SHADE AGAIN! Still burnt. Lounged again by the pool. We have a bit of a routine going on by now. At dinner I got made a rose out of a napkin by one of the waiters. The show tonight was african drumming and contemporary dancing. It was incredible! So much energy.

3rd March:
Back in the sun a bit today, still burnt but I kept them bits covered. Dinner in the buffet restaurant and then the show was african dancing.

4th March:
By the pool again today, in and out of the sun. The show tonight was rock nation. It was lots of rock songs acted out and mimed. The entertainment team put so much effort in to it, brilliant!

5th March:
Its our 1st wedding anniversary!!! We took our cards with us to open this morning. It rained a little bit but only for about 10 minutes. We went to the Asian restaurant for dinner, we had sushi and lots of Chinese food. Then we went and watched the show which was a Mauritian dancing and music show.

6th March:
Very hot today!! We were by the pool for a while then went to the beach. The indian ocean is gorgeous! Clear and warm. We went to a cocktail party on the beach in the evening. We had cocktails and admired the sunset while there was music and dancers. The show tonight was a caberet show, lots of different stuff in this, singing, dancing, acting, acrobatics.

7th March:
It rained 1st thing this morning but cleared up quick. Lounged by the pool again. We went to the indian restaurant for dinner, the food was incredible! The show tonight was grease the musical. Great show.

8th March:
We were up early for our boat trip simply sailing. It was a 2 hour transfer to the boat. We sailed on the catamaran to a waterfall which we went right up to on a speedboat. There was also monkeys in the trees, which was a nice surprise. We then got back on the catamaran and sailed to a snorkelling site. We snorkelled then had a BBQ lunch on the boat. It was yummy! We then sailed to ille aux cerfs, this is a paradise island. The ocean forms a lagoon which has created the sandy island. There was a man selling fresh coconuts, I had one! Drank the juice then he cut it open for me so I could eat the flesh. We were here for 1hr 40mins. Then we went back to the boat and sailed back to the pick up point. Travelled back to the hotel. For dinner we went to the buffet restaurant. Rishi, the restaurant manager had arranged a lovely table for a belated anniversary. He had got us a bottle of cape mountain wine and decorated the table beautifully. He had also got us a black forest gateaux cake which said ‘happy wedding anniversary’ with a candle. Then we watched the ‘crazy show’, this was 60 songs in 60 minutes. Very funny!!!

9th March:
Nice day today, we lounged by the pool all day. We went to the French restaurant in the evening. We had a steak each which was gorgeous!

10th March:
Lounged by the pool again. The show tonight was a Hollywood show. It was singing and dancing from musicals and films.

11th March:
Lounged by the pool. We went for a walk along the beach and collected some coral. Some really lovely bits that were washed up on the beach. The show tonight was Michael Jackson. It was INCREDIBLE! Eric who played Michael Jackson, sounded, looked and moved like him! This was my favourite show by far!

12th March:
Its independence day today but also our last day! Lots going on all day. The restaurant was decorated and very colourful. The show was all about the history of Mauritius. It was very interesting. We said our goodbyes to all the staff and headed off to bed.

13th March:
Up very early as we got picked up at 0645 to go to the airport. We checked in and went through to departures. We got some Mauritian rum in duty free and had a subway! We boarded the plane at 1030 and took off at 1115. The flight was quite bumpy but ok. We landed at Gatwick at 1900. My mum picked us up and we headed home. We got home and mum had got us a lovely bunch of flowers to say happy anniversary and welcome home. So nice of her!

The honeymoon was amazing! We were so lucky to get upgrades it made extra special. The resort was wonderful! The staff were incredible! I would go back tomorrow if I could. We have got quite a lot of the staff as facebook friends so we can keep in contact with them all.


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