Mothers day 2017

Mothers day 2017

Mothers day this year was completely different to any other year in many different ways.

First of all we are now married so we bought son & daughter in law and daughter & son in law cards to our mums.

Secondly my mum actually had mothers day off work! My mum is a carer and normally works every sunday. She recently changed her working hours, so we got to spend time with mum!

Third thing is I was thinking about my miscarriage. In the card shops they had cards that said ‘from the bump’. I was a little sad as I just thought what could have been. On days like mothers day you cant help but think about the sad event.

This year we decided that we would cook a roast dinner for my mum this year as she was off work. While were waiting for dinner to cook, we showed mum our honeymoon photos.
We went to aldi to get all the food. We bought a specially selected roast beef joint, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, specially selected Yorkshire puddings, profiteroles and double cream. All this came to a total of £14.44!!! In any other supermarket this would have probably cost a lot more. We have definitely converted to aldi as the food quality is brilliant and so cheap. We have found that the dates of the products are also a lot longer than we are used to. If you haven’t tried doing a food shop in aldi yet I would say try it and see how much you save!

In the evening we went round Michael’s parents. We spent some time looking at our holiday photos and just spending time together. They are having a lot of work done to their house at the moment, so it was nice to see how far along it is now and what is left to do.

All in all it was nice to spend some quality time with our mums! They do so much for us and it was nice to treat them.

Hope you had a lovely day too


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