Hoots Snacks Review

Hoots Snacks Review


I was sent some snacks from the lovely people at hoots snacks to try and write a review for them.

The snacks are multigrain bread snacks that are baked not fried. They are like little discs on french stick which are flavoured. They contain wholegrains and seeds, they are a brilliant healthy snack! As i follow slimming world a bag of these hold a syn value of 8.5. I think that they are totally worth it. They feel really naughty but they arnt. They are fab for dipping too, they can be dipped into any dip but my favourite was syn free houmous.

They sent me 5 different flavours salt & vinegar, salt & pepper, smoked bacon, cheese & onion and pickled onion. I will be honest some of the flavours wern’t completely to my taste such as the salt & pepper ones, i personally found them quite peppery, i’m not a massive pepper fan though. My favourite flavour by far was pickled onion, i’m a big fan of anything pickled onion so i’m probably a bit bias.

The bags were well filled, not like some bags you get that are half air. They are very filling and satisfying.

If you want to try these yummy snacks then check them out on instagram @hootsnacks and the link to their shop is in their bio.


My best friend’s surprise hen weekend to Disneyland paris!

My best friend’s surprise hen weekend to Disneyland paris!

5am 31st march 2017, we pick my best friend Megan up from her house. She had no idea where we were going, her fiancĂ© Stuart packed her bag from a list that I gave him. Michael was driving us to Gatwick but he drove down to Brighton first to confuse Megan. Then as we got near to Gatwick, I said to her that I needed to stop as a ‘services’ for the loo. Megan was blindfolded and she had headphones on so had no idea what was going on. Then we got her out the car, we were all standing in front of her with Minnie ears on and our Paris tops on. She broke down into tears, she was so happy!

We headed into the terminal and went straight to bag drop to sort out my wheelchair. Then we went through security and straight to wetherspoons for breakfast and prosecco!


We arrived in paris at 10am, headed straight to our hotel. We were staying at Disney kyriad hotel. It was brilliant! There was a free shuttle bus to and from the park from the hotel reception. The buses were every 10-15mins. It only took about 8 mins from the hotel to the parks. We went into Disney village for some much needed lunch and a mooch around. After we had filed our tummies we went back to the hotel to chill then get ready for a night out in Disney village. We got ready then played some games at the hotel before going out, including stick the ring on Minnie! Such a good game!! We took lots of photos then headed out.


We went to the rainforest cafĂ© for dinner, it was so tasty! We had a cocktail with dinner too. Then we went to a sports bar for another cocktail. A few of us had glowing cocktails which had a blue glowing plastic ice cube in, so cool! We didn’t stay out too late as we knew we had a full day in Disney on the Saturday. So we went back to the hotel to get some rest.

1st April: DISNEY DAY!
We got up abut 8am to go to the park for a full day! We had some breakfast at the hotel then went to the park! Megan was so excited, it was so lovely to see her very excited!


I had my blue badge with me as I could get a pass to get on the rides without stairs. The disabled queues for the rides were by the exit and I could take 4 people on with me. It took a while to get the pass as the queue was long but then we used the disabled entrances for each ride. We then went a met Minnie mouse! Megans favourite! It was very special.


We spent the day going on the rides and eating! There was a parade at 530 which was brilliant! It was a parade for their 25th anniversary. Then there was a illuminations and firework show at 10pm, it was incredible! Well worth staying at the park for. After this we went back to the hotel to rest for the next day the walt Disney studios park until we had to head for the airport.

2nd April: Walt Disney studios park

We used the disabled pass again as it was valid for the 2 days we were there. This park was smaller and more for adults as there’s lots of rollercoasters. We went to the Disney shops after being in the park to get some goodies before going back to the hotel. We got picked up at 530pm to go to the airport.

The whole trip was perfect! Megan had no idea what was going on but she loved it! The only thing that puts me off going back is the amount of people smoking around the parks!!!!!! Even though there are designated smoking areas, no one cared! Unfortunatly it caused me to have a very nasty asthma attack and be kept in hospital for 2 days when I got home. Its such a shame as it was a brilliant weekend!

Slimming World & Honeymoon

Slimming World & Honeymoon

So guys, as you probably know I have been following slimming world since November 2016. So far so good, I have lost 1 stone 5 lbs!!! It is the only plan that actually works for me and believe me I have tried many diets!

We are off on our honeymoon to Mauritius. I have been looking forward to this for ages. We got married last march so we are having a belated honeymoon and our 1st anniversary while we are there.

So my plan in regards to food and drink is I will have it if I want it and enjoy it! I have actually requested a healthy meal on the flight. We are planning on having something to eat and drink at the airport before we board the plane just in case we don’t like the food.

So at our resort there are 3 different restaurants a buffet style restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then there is also an indian restaurant and Asian restaurant. We have to book for these but still included in our all inclusive package. We are planning to book one of the restaurants for our anniversary meal.

I will probably be able to make quite good choices for breakfast and lunch. I love eating the fresh fruit abroad, it tastes sooooo good! So that’s breakfast sorted. Lunch normally hotels abroad have an amazing salad bar with cold meats etc. Lunch sorted! Dinner will hopefully be ok, I cant seem to eat much fatty foods since starting slimming world. I think my body has got used to not having the fat, so if I do have it my body cant cope with it. Then it upsets my colitis. So I will try and make ok choices for dinner.

The drinks side of the all inclusive will be where it goes wrong! During the day I will be drinking soft drinks and water as I get so thirsty! The evenings I will be having wine and gin & tonics. Yummmmmm!

I am on honeymoon and I intend to enjoy every minute. Its going to be so special and I will cherish every second. We will be making memories that will last forever.

I will probably post a few photos on my Instagram.

I will be blog when we get home to fill you all in!

Speak to you all soon