Slimming World & Honeymoon

Slimming World & Honeymoon

So guys, as you probably know I have been following slimming world since November 2016. So far so good, I have lost 1 stone 5 lbs!!! It is the only plan that actually works for me and believe me I have tried many diets!

We are off on our honeymoon to Mauritius. I have been looking forward to this for ages. We got married last march so we are having a belated honeymoon and our 1st anniversary while we are there.

So my plan in regards to food and drink is I will have it if I want it and enjoy it! I have actually requested a healthy meal on the flight. We are planning on having something to eat and drink at the airport before we board the plane just in case we don’t like the food.

So at our resort there are 3 different restaurants a buffet style restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then there is also an indian restaurant and Asian restaurant. We have to book for these but still included in our all inclusive package. We are planning to book one of the restaurants for our anniversary meal.

I will probably be able to make quite good choices for breakfast and lunch. I love eating the fresh fruit abroad, it tastes sooooo good! So that’s breakfast sorted. Lunch normally hotels abroad have an amazing salad bar with cold meats etc. Lunch sorted! Dinner will hopefully be ok, I cant seem to eat much fatty foods since starting slimming world. I think my body has got used to not having the fat, so if I do have it my body cant cope with it. Then it upsets my colitis. So I will try and make ok choices for dinner.

The drinks side of the all inclusive will be where it goes wrong! During the day I will be drinking soft drinks and water as I get so thirsty! The evenings I will be having wine and gin & tonics. Yummmmmm!

I am on honeymoon and I intend to enjoy every minute. Its going to be so special and I will cherish every second. We will be making memories that will last forever.

I will probably post a few photos on my Instagram.

I will be blog when we get home to fill you all in!

Speak to you all soon


Preparing for our honeymoon!

Preparing for our honeymoon!

Ahhhhhhhh! So excited for our belated honeymoon. We were very lucky to get quite a bit of money from our wedding guests for our honeymoon. We didn’t need any gifts so we decided to ask for honeymoon funds. We put a lovely little poem in our invites instead of just saying please could we have money for our honeymoon. We found these on ebay, lovely wording and design.

We decided where we wanted to go before our wedding……Mauritius!!! It looks like such a beautiful country and a lovely honeymoon destination. We are going away for 2 weeks, it is also our 1st anniversary while we are away. We are planning on having a really special meal on our anniversary which is 5th march.

So preparing for a holiday for anyone can be stressful, but for us it takes quite a bit more planning. Obviously we went shopping for essentials such as suncream, aftersun, toiletries and any clothing we needed. We got our suncream, aftersun and toiletries in superdrug. I have heard very good things about their sun care products and they ae very reasonable. We also found a aftersun spray dry oil instead of cream. I’m really excited to try this as I suffer with dry skin on holiday quite badly and I find the cream/lotion a bit sticky on my skin.

So other bits and bobs we need to buy/make sure we have are things that I need to make sure I’m safe abroad.

First thing is good travel insurance. We have this through Michael’s bank account. They know about all my health conditions and provide us with great cover.

Second thing is a good well stocked first aid kit! I am very accident prone home or abroad! We always make sure that we have essentials such as plasters, bandages, rehydration sachets and diarrhoea tablets! Always better to be safe than sorry.

Next thing is making sure that we have enough of my prescription medication to last me the whole holiday and some for when we get home. My prescription meds are essential and I have to take them everyday. We have 2 weekly dossett boxes that we will have all my meds in the right sections. So they have am, lunch, tea and bed sections which means we can make sure that I have enough for each section of everyday.

I always make a list of what needs packing in the suitcases and what needs to go in hand luggage. This way nothing gets forgotten. This list has everything from clothing to meds.

So that’s it for what needs packing but I doesn’t stop there for us. As I have a wheelchair that I use to go out in, this needs to be checked onto the plane. So I have my wheelchair right up to the door of the aircraft then it gets put in the hold. Then at our destination we wait until everyone is off the aircraft then they get my wheelchair and off we go.

Special assistance at the airport is amazing! This is pre arranged with the airline before we go. So when we get to the airport we head to check in and then we get assisted through security and into the departure lounge. Then when our flight is boarding someone will assist us to the gate and onto the plane. It is a very well organised system and it makes such a difference to anyone that needs it. Some airlines will give you extra legroom seats for nothing so make sure you ask.

Next is making sure that the hotel is aware of my disability. Then they can make sure that our room is wheelchair friendly and that we are in a ground floor room. Where we are going in Mauritius all the rooms are ground floor and there are no stairs at the resort.

This isn’t just any holiday its our honeymoon/anniversary. It is going to be very special and we will make so many lovely memories. We will take plenty of pictures so will be sharing them on my Instagram and some on here when we get home.

I will be back next Friday for another blog then I wont be blogging for a couple of weeks.

I will write a blog when we get home about the honeymoon and any places that I recommend.


My story from June 2014

My story from June 2014

So before June 2014, I was healthy, working and doing all the things I love. Then BAM! I was rushed into hospital with appendicitis, they kept me in that night and took it out first thing the next morning. The pain was UNBEARABLE! So after I woke up from surgery I was obviously still in a lot of pain but I was well looked after and dosed up with strong painkillers. THANK GOD! I was discharged the following day, I was so glad to get out and go home to my own bed.

After 2 weeks I went to see my GP for a check up, I was still exhausted and still in a lot of pain. She told me I had post viral fatigue and that it would go away, I just needed to go home and rest. So another 2 weeks passed and I was still no better, in actual fact I was getting worse. So my husband (fiancé back then) took me back to see my GP and she said it was strange to still be so fatigued and in pain. The pain was in my muscles and starting to affect my joints too. So she referred me to a rheumatologist.

When I had my appointment she was testing me for rheumatoid arthritis. I had bloods taken and physical examination done. She said it wasn’t R.A and that if I didn’t get better in another 4 weeks to go back to my GP.

You guessed it another 4 weeks passed and still no better but worse! Now it was affecting my mobility and daily life. I wasn’t going out unless I really had to and then I was struggling to walk. My GP then referred me to a ME/chronic fatigue clinic. When I was seen by them they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

When I was finally given a diagnosis, the time came to give up my job as I could no longer do it. I worked as a support worker which I loved. I really didn’t want to give up work but my health came first. Everyone was so supportive.

From this point I was given so much help and support. I was having to get up with Michael and he was helping me get showered and dressed before he went to work. Which wasn’t ideal for either of us. It was causing me more fatigue and pain but it was affecting Michael too! It wasn’t fair on him but he kept saying ‘I’m doing it because I love you’. He is amazing!

But then my GP was amazing she referred me to a social worker to arrange care. I was seen by physiotherapists and occupational therapists who helped me get the equipment I need.

I eventually started having carers from may 2015. It is such a great help, now I have a carer come to me Monday-Friday in the morning to help me shower, dress and get my breakfast.

I also suffer with colitis which affects me everyday. Its a form of inflammatory bowel disease. It causes pain and frequent visits to the toilet…

I also have brittle asthma which isn’t nice! I have quite a few asthma attacks during a year and I’m on a fair bit of medication! Its a unstable form of asthma which can be made worse by a number of things. Mine is affected by people smoking but not just around me, I also get affected if i can smell smoke on someone. So all my carers know about this and are very careful.

I take a lot of meds for all my illnesses and conditions. Now I am used to living with these daily but it did take some getting used to, as I had to change the way I did everything and accept help.

I now have a wheelchair that I use if I go out which is amazing!!!! At first I didn’t want to use it but then I thought why should I stay indoors and suffer just because I was worried about what people would say. Now my favourite saying is ‘if they don’t like it, don’t look!’

Me and Michael got married on 5th March 2016, it was the best day of my life! It was a challenge for me with all my health issues but everyone helped. The hotel we had the wedding at were amazing and they did everything they could to help me. After the wedding it took me about a week to recover. But the pain was so worth it!

I then fell pregnant in august 2016, this was my first pregnancy. We were over the moon and so were our families. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and I had a miscarriage on 28th October 2016. It was heart breaking for everyone and it took a long time to get our heads round. Now we are focussed on the future and we will get pregnant again when the time is right.

So there you have it guys! That’s my story about how one operation changed my life!

If you know anyone that suffers with any of these conditions offer them support and don’t judge them. Just asking if they need a hand with anything will make such a difference……trust me!

Thanks for reading my story guys!

Be back next Friday with another blog.