Happy flush review

Happy flush review

20170424_171606Living with inflammatory bowel disease is not easy! It takes a lot of getting used to and its very misunderstood. When I was on Instagram one day I found a company called Happy Flush. I was very intrigued as to what they did, so I checked out their profile. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, its a spray that you spray in the toilet bowl before going to the loo. AMAZING!!!

One of the biggest things I find hard to deal with is the fact that the urge to go to the toilet comes on very suddenly and you have to go then! So sometimes it happens out and about and I have to use public toilets. People can be very nasty and make comments. I have heard things like ‘What is that smell, smells horrendous’ ‘someone’s got a problem’ ‘that’s disgusting’. So when I found happy flush I was keen to give it a go!

When the products arrived, I used them that day and WOW! So I sprayed the toilet then used the toilet and I couldn’t smell a thing! I could have cried I was so happy.

They sell three different size bottles 100ml, 50ml and 25ml. The 100ml is perfect for use at home, the other two sizes are perfect to keep in your hand bag or for travelling. They also sell different scents, citrus burst, lime fizz, mint breeze, orange zing, rose bloom, apple twist, festive sparkle (Christmas only) and flower power (coming soon). I have tried citrus burst and apple twist. They smell incredible!!

They are made from essential oils and highly concentrated so there is nothing nasty in them and they last ages. They are very reasonable in pricing varying from £3.59-£8.99 depending on the size you buy. It is 100% worth every penny!!!

I keep one in my bag at all times so I’m never without it. Since using happy flush I haven’t heard any comments about me which makes me very happy.

Living with inflammatory bowel disease is horrible but happy flush makes it a little easier to deal with. I have recently helped them with a campaign that they are doing called care to be aware campaign. I wrote a piece about how my colitis affects me and how I deal with it..

Please go and check them out on Instagram @happyflush and their website is http://www.happyflush.com

They are a small independent company not a big chain. Please support this small business as they have made such a big difference to my life. It is perfect for anyone living with any condition that affects your bowel habit.


Hoots Snacks Review

Hoots Snacks Review


I was sent some snacks from the lovely people at hoots snacks to try and write a review for them.

The snacks are multigrain bread snacks that are baked not fried. They are like little discs on french stick which are flavoured. They contain wholegrains and seeds, they are a brilliant healthy snack! As i follow slimming world a bag of these hold a syn value of 8.5. I think that they are totally worth it. They feel really naughty but they arnt. They are fab for dipping too, they can be dipped into any dip but my favourite was syn free houmous.

They sent me 5 different flavours salt & vinegar, salt & pepper, smoked bacon, cheese & onion and pickled onion. I will be honest some of the flavours wern’t completely to my taste such as the salt & pepper ones, i personally found them quite peppery, i’m not a massive pepper fan though. My favourite flavour by far was pickled onion, i’m a big fan of anything pickled onion so i’m probably a bit bias.

The bags were well filled, not like some bags you get that are half air. They are very filling and satisfying.

If you want to try these yummy snacks then check them out on instagram @hootsnacks and the link to their shop is in their bio.