My best friends wedding!

My best friends wedding!

30th April 2017………Megan and stuart’s wedding day! So much planning and preparation for this day. It was going to be perfect.

So my alarm went off at 630 as I needed to be at the hilton metropole in Brighton at 730 to start the day off! We arrived at the hotel and I went straight to Megan’s room, I was so excited to be maid of honour and I couldn’t wait to see her! Jodie the other bridesmaid and Sharon the mother of the bride arrived shortly after me. We were all so excited, music playing, bubbles flowing!!!

The hair and make up girls arrived just after 8am, Jade the hairdresser and annabel the make up artist. They were amazing!! So chilled out! There was a plan to get us all ready, one in the hair chair and one in the make up chair.

Carla the photographer arrived about the same time, she was brilliant. She didn’t get in the way at all, but she took the most amazing photos.

The flowers arrived about 1030 they were gorgeous! So stunning! Lillac and white flowers…..beautiful!

Megan gave me and jodie a necklace each with a little message in the box, it was beautiful!

Jodie and I got into our dresses so we were ready to help megan later in the morning. Once we got dressed, the photographer took us out to the most amazing staircase to have some photos done.


Then we went back to the room to get megan ready. We got her into her stunning dress, shoes on, jewellery on then had a glass of bubbles! She was ready!

meg wedding on sofa

Megan’s dad then came up to the room to get megan. The photographer was ready to capture his moment, it was beautiful and so moving. ┬áHe cried at how beautiful megan looked. I had to go in the other room so I didn’t ruin my makeup from the happy tears.

The registrars came to the room to speak to megan. Then we were ready to go. We headed down the stairs, more photos then we headed to the Clarence suite for the ceremony. The flower girls went down the aisle first then the mums with a usher each, then it was mine and jodies turn. We walked down the aisle and headed to our seat. Then the song changed, megan and her dad started to walk down the aisle. Absolutely stunning!


The ceremony was beautiful, so perfect! Time for a drink!!! We went into another room so the hotel staff could change the room around ready for the wedding breakfast. While we were waiting the wedding party had more photos done.

meg wedding on stairs

When we went into the wedding breakfast, I was gobsmacked! It looked stunning! We all took our seats ready to greet the new Mr and Mrs Robertson! They came in to the biggest cheer. We sat down for a meal which was really tasty. Cheese and onion tart, roast chicken and chocolate terrine all washed down with lovely wine.


Then it was time for the speeches!

Perry the father of the bride was up first, his speech was lovely so moving. I was crying again! The Stuart the groom, again it was lovely and guess what I cried again! Kyle next, the best man. Now this was funny, I couldn’t stop laughing! Then……….it was my turn! I was so nervous, but it went fine. I nearly started crying again as I looked at megan who was nearly crying too. It was hard to write but I got there in the end.

The people who were involved in the wedding got given gifts. I got a bottle of prosecco, a engraved glass and a personalised candle.


We went into the other room again while they sorted out the room for the reception. When we went back in the disco was ready, the photobooth was ready which meant PARTY!!!!!!

Megan and Stuart cut the cake which was incredible! Lemon drizzle Base, chocolate fudge middle tier and top tier was raspberry and vanilla buttercream. So tasty!


Now it was time for the first dance and father daughter dance. Their first dance was to a song by hunter hayes and the father daughter dance was to daddy’s little girl by the Shires. It was so nice to watch.

Then the party really got going, lots of dancing, drinking and plenty of photos in the photobooth!!


Eventually it was time for bed. The next morning we met up for breakfast and had plenty of giggles about the day! Megan and Stuart had Mr and Mrs jumpers on…….too cute!!!!


The wedding was perfect! I felt very honoured to be involved and it was very special to me. I will never forget it!